Our Services


We’re here to help you protect what you have worked hard to earn. Whether it’s your business, your home, your vehicle, your treasured possessions, or a combination of all these, we have you covered. Backed by over 30 years of experience, our expertise allow us to provide clear, easily understood explanations of insurance products and insurance related services. 

Wegener Insurance Agency, Inc will make sure that you have the best available coverage at the most affordable cost. Since we work with numerous different insurance companies, some that are only available to brokers direct, we are able to provide a very broad comparision on both coverage and price.

Clients of Wegener Insurance Agency, Inc can expect active brokers. We make sure that your policy coverages are in tip top shape by revieiwng your account periodically, not just at renewal time. And when it comes time to file a claim you have several choices available. We can assist with filing a claim for you by phone, email or meeting by appointment. However most of our insurance companies have   24/7 dedicated phone lines, website and in some cases apps. So no matter if you have a small plumbing leak at 9am on a normal Monday morning, or you have a full out flood on Thanksgiving night, you'll always be able to get the claim help you need and deserve. 

We invite you to contact us and meet with one of our friendly and knowledgeable agents to discuss how we can create a custom plan to meet your personal or business insurance needs.